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About the hotel

Місто КременецьThe town Kremenets, one of the historical and cultural pearls on the map of Ukraine, is a unique place, a centre of tourism of the Western Ukrainian lands. Due to its unique historical heritage of the city, which is presented in the large number of historical monuments: the castle on the Castle hill, a Jesuit Collegium, St Nicholas Cathedral and the Epiphany monastery, the places connected with the life of the famous Polish poet, born in Kremenets, Yu.Slovatsky, Kremenets district attracts believers with activities of the pearls of the Christian world - the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, in which there are many shrines of Orthodoxy, and well-known far outside Ukraine source of St. Anna. For the young and tired of the bustle of the city it will be interesting to visit the site of the birthplace of the insurrectional movement in Volyn-Анто-нівецький the headquartersМісто Кременець of the UPA, adding this aquentment with the remnants of Slavic settlements, which are located in the pristine natural beauty.

The hotel «Kalyna» located on the main street of the city of Kremenets will be the best for successful and pleasant arangement of Your rest in Kremenets and Pochayiv.

At your service are comfortable rooms, equipped with air conditioning ,cable TV, telephone, pleasant service and services of the qualified guides. They will acquaint you witМісто Кременецьh the history of the area, its historical and religious sites, providing a very interesting tourist routes.

Direction Distance
Pochayiv 16km
Dubno 38km
Ternopil( Zbaraz, Vyshnivets) 71km
Lviv (Pidgirtsi, Olesko, Zolochiv) 159km
Lutsk 91km

Distance from the hotel to the bus station in the city of Kremenets is 500m.

The distance to the nearest railway stations:Місто Кременець
Dubno – 38km.; Ternopil - 71кkm.

At your service:

  • accommodation in the hotel rooms;
  • catering;
  • provision of transport during tourist trips;
  • guide services.