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On the Tatar way (two-day)

Дубенський замок1-st day. The person of famous Taras Bulba is inseparable from the Dubno castle, which is located in the city center on the bank of the river Ikva. The castle, built in the end of the XV century, was the property of the famous princes Ostrozhskie, and has on its territory two palaces – Ostrog and Lubomyrskyh, which complement the general impression of the spirit of this age.

Pochayiv: The Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra. Kremenets: Kremenets sightseeing, the Castle hill.

Вишнівець2-nd day. The founder of the Hortytska Sich Dmitry and irreconcilable enemy of Orthodoxy and the Cossacks Yarema Vyshnevetsky, Moscow false Dmitry I- all these historical persons are united by Vyshnevets. Vyshnevets, as the residence of the princes of the same name, especially became famous in the XVIII century, when the fortress was turned into the Palace, which Honore de Balzac called “Small Versailles”. Later the Park was founded there. Having visited the town of Vyshnevets, you seemed to feel the shine of the past life of the princely families of Ukraine.

Збаража History of Zbarazh is inseparable from the family of princes Zbarazhsky, the history of the fortress and events of 1649, which have made the city famous all over Europe.
The peculiarity of the building of the fortress was the fact that it was preceded by the Treaty, which contained the theoretical foundations of the construction of the fortifications of a new type, which made it perfect. The main events of 1649 developed here, the famous “zbarzhska siege”, where the heroism and courage were shown by both the Ukrainians and the Polish.

Микулинецький замокMikulinec castle is one of the few on the Ukrainian lands, that was built by woman - Anna Yordanova. Quadrangular castle with bastions are still shrouded in legends both ancient, and of recent years. Intrigue is added with the fact that it is the only castle in Ukraine, which has an owner. It is worth of attention to see the Palace of Count Reyiv with a tree, roots of which are growing up, and Trinity Church of the XVIII century, built as the Church at the Royal Palace in Dresden.

Троїцький костелTerebovlya is known as one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine (1097). This city is asociated with the famous recorded history about the Prince Vasylko, blinded by his treacherous princes neighbors, and the heroic figure of the wife of the commandant of the fortress lady Hshanovska and many others, worthy of attention. A fortress, which towers stand over the city, up to the present time amazes with the power of its walls, and the breath of the old.