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Over Volyn region (two-day, 1-st variant)

Кременецький Богоявленський монастир
1-st day: The Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra - the Source of St. Anna (Onyshkivtsi) - the Castle hill(Kremenets) - Kremenets sightseeing – the Kremenets Epiphany monastery.

Дубенський замок2-nd day. Dubno castle has on its territory two palaces – Ostrog and Lubomyrskyh, located on the bank of the river Ikva, attracts visitors with its perfection and successful natural location: the Castle has wonderful views over the Polesie lowland. In the castle You can go along the original underground passage, which led, in the past, to the river boat.

Замок ЛюбартаAnd, of course, the center of Volhynia region is the city of Lutsk, which attracts fonders of antiquity with famous Lubart’s castle of the XIV century. This fortification construction is the best one on the Ukrainian lands that was preservedСобор Св. Апостолів Петра і Павла by the present and contains on its territory a number of thematic exhibitions. The Cathedral of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul and monastery of Jesuits and dungeons are worth visiting, there are the current Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church of the beginning of the XX century, built in neo-Gothic style on the foundations of the Carmelite monastery. Near it there is Lutsk “the house with chimeras”. It is an original exposition of stone buildings in one of the courtyards of the city.