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Cross the old border (two-day)

1-st day:
The Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra - Holy Spirit monastery) -the Source of St. Anna (Onyshkivtsi) - the Castle hill(Kremenets) - Kremenets sightseeing – the Kremenets Epiphany monastery.

Олеський замок2-nd day. Olesko castle, located on the border of Galicia and Volhynia, always was of strategic importance for national defense from enemy attacks. The walls of the fortress saw the struggle of the Polish and Lithuanians for Ukrainian lands, were witnesses of the last resistance of the Russian princes against the attack of the Polish Kingdom of the XV century, became one of the fortresses on the way of Tatar raids. Since the end of XVII century the castle has become the residence of the Polish king, more and more acquiring the character of a luxury Palace. Having survived the disagreements of XIX-XX centuries Olesko castle catches the eyewith its location on the top of a high hill. It still attracts tourists with its architecture and rich art collection.

HПідгорецький замокaving gone forward a short distance from Olesko in the direction to Brody, the castle in Podgortsy is worthy of attention. It is one of the best samples in Europe of combination of the Palace with the Bastion-type fortifications, which was built in the XVII century. The facades of the castle have really French style. Not accidentally several scenes of the Soviet film “the Three Musketeers” were filmed here.

Золочівський замокIn spite of the fact that the castle in Zolochiv is not photogenic, he is unique in many aspects. It is the first, constructed on the Ukrainian lands, fortification, that was built according to the Dutch system, the most efficient in the conditions of the development of artillery. Two palaces on its territory, Great and Chinese, are real decoration of the castle. Each of them corresponds to its name and contains a lot of interesting things for tourists.